Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Preach in Church... Legislate in Congress

I have disdain for those who mix their faith with a political position. It is possible to vote on or propose laws that reflect ones beliefs without constantly hammering the idea that either the legislator or the legislative agenda is somehow the "will of God" or that their faith is somehow better or stronger than anyone else's. Preach in church, legislate in congress.

My dislike of Mr. Delay has always been about his smugness, his sense of righteousness. Since his current troubles became public knowledge, he has been vaingloriously proud of his righteousness. He seems to imply at every turn that he is right and that anyone who speaks against him or his agenda is wrong and that God will smite his enemies.

I have known others like him in my life and I have found their hubris difficult to swallow. In my life I have seen the careers of many preachers and politicians vanish in a cloud of impropriety. Misuse of power, improper acquisition of money, and sex with the wrong person seem to be the fulcrums that lead to the the fall of many seemingly righteous men.

I have always believed that you can tell a man's character by those he gathers around him. As such I have been circumspect about Delay's character long before his current troubles.

A good politician knows that image and perception are important beyond measure. When Delay started to act as though he was somehow immune to image and perception issues, it was only a matter of time before a mighty fall.

Last Friday his aide crashed and burned. Within days Delay abruptly "retires". As a long time reader and follower of the news, and not just of one perspective or stilted side, I am now waiting to see what evidence and testimony this aide will now give on behalf of prosecutors against Delay. It's going to get ugly, it's going to be damaging. The speed with which Delay's exit follows his aide's plea speaks of great trouble ahead for Delay.

I will pray for Delay, but I will not mourn his passing.

Besides, right or wrong, political agendas transcend any one man.

Delay now becomes a part of history. Gnashing of teeth and bewailing his fate will not resurrect him.

And so I ask, who's next? Who will take his place in the halls of power?

One thing is sure, since power in Congress is based on seniority, it won't be the successor to his seat.

And hopefully it will be someone of better character and humanity.


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